Saint Vincent Holdings offers trade account clearing and settlement through its online trading services division Options Clearing House.

Options Clearing House (OCH) offers two very different online platform and service solutions. We invite those interested in taking on the markets themselves to immediately open an OCH Spot account and begin trading today.

However, if you want to take you’re trading results to a new level. Find out what we can do together with the OCH Creative Wealth Managed Account Services.

OCH Spot

Self-Trading Account: Take Control
Trade with as little as $500

OCH Spot is an advanced web-based trading platform. It empowers the trader to take at the money positions, long or short, across the world currency and commodity markets.

OCH Spot is an advanced trading and market analytical tool that requires market knowledge and trading savvy.

With OCH Spot, technology is always on your side. The savvy day trader will have a best-in-class trading platform at their disposal to make moves with confidence.

Good luck!

OCH Creative Wealth Broker Dealer Services

Comprehensive trading services for  high-value investors

As a fully managed investment account, our Broker Dealer Managed Accounts services are specifically designed for high-value investors. To be eligible to work with St. Vincent and Options Clearing House Creative Wealth Services you must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Be a high net worth individual with a good understanding of the markets or
  2. You can come to us through one of our Authorized Broker Dealers where you can gain access to proprietary options trading software under the guidance of a team of market professionals who take your account to the next level.

Your OCH-Creative Wealth strategy is custom tailored to your appetite for risk and market interests. Take your net worth to the next level with St. Vincent and OCH.

Start Investing Today.
Opening an account takes less than 5 minutes.
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