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Options Clearing House provides innovative trading solutions in the global financial market. Our trading systems and support services are specifically designed for brokerage firms who specialize in trading in the commodity markets.

Options Clearing House’s OCH Trader is the go-to platform and back office interactive management software system that gives both the broker dealer and client investor the cutting-edge advantage that only OCH can deliver.

OCH Trade Platform Solution

Options Clearing House has a proprietary trading and pricing platform that enables the broker dealer to access options contract pricing from 4 different markets in real time to get the price point execution advantage.

Multimarket access points through multiple leverage providers on one OCH powerhouse platform. Broker Dealer’s can now give their clients a custom of our OCH downloadable branded platform that is specifically designed for trading option contracts in the fast-paced trillion-dollar commodity markets.

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OCH Broker Back Office Solutions

St. Vincent Holding and Options Clearing House provides an extensive broker dealer back office solution. The back office software interfaces directly with your client accounts and client access points on the OCH Trade Platform.

The back office solution includes an individual client account and trade ledger management. A fully integrated real-time reporting facility for individual brokers and management where information is power.

OCH back office analytics puts your office under the profit microscope by giving your firm the micro analytics and 4d financial modeling. Make on-the-fly adjustments on the OCH market to maximize your firm and your clients’ profits.

OCH Educational Suite

Go Back to School with OCH.

Here we have our Options University. An education suite where you can begin as a new beginner to refresh or simplify your game plan. Or, jump back in as an advanced trader to confirm part of a new strategy. OCH offers an open forum educational suite for you to use at your own pace with your brokerage firm and employees or offer to your clients as an educational add-on to your service.

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